Meet Kaity

We are just about a week out from Thanksgiving, and by now, many of you have likely received our fall fundrasing appeal in your mailboxes. This year, we told the story of one of our treasured Shining Stars families- The Scarlett's! Read Kaity's story here...

The story above is just a glimpse into the life of a child battling cancer. A life of growing up too fast, dreading the next needle poke, and feeling isolated and alone. 

This is where you can step in. 

With the help of supporters like you, Shining Stars brought Kaity to the Aspen Winter Games program. She spent an entire week skiing and forming unique friendships with other children who knew what she was going through. She forgot all about her cancer, and the painful treatments that she endured before leaving home. 

She found acceptance among a group of peers who had also experienced the trauma of battling cancer. She was reminded that her cancer will not define her life. She discovered the joy of simply being a kid. Now Kaity tells us, " I will never give up hope!"

After the Aspen Winter Games, Kaity and her family were invited to over 60 other programs and events. She is now in remission, but often attends programs with her family to help mentor and support newly diagnosed kids and families. This would not be possible without supporters like you!

You can make your tax-deductible donation by going online to or calling us at 970-726-8009. Thank you for giving the gift of HOPE!