Joshua's List

Joshua Buchanan 2013.jpg

In the days following Shining Star Joshua's Bone Marrow Transplant in June of 2012, he assembled the following list of things he wanted to do once he was healthy again. See below to get an idea of what this list looked like:

1.    Ride my bike in the rain through muddy puddles
2.    Dive off of the diving board and swim under water all the way to the end
3.    Go to the deep end of the pool, jump in and touch the bottom
4.    Play football with my older brothers without getting sick
5.    Go skydiving
6.    Climb a mountain without getting sick or tired
7.    Play in snow for the first time
8.    Ride a Hot Air Balloon
...the list went up to 50 items!

Joshua's mother explained to us the significance of this list. 

"When he was told that he could go [to the Aspen Winter Games] by the Phoenix Children's Hospital staff, he went home and grabbed his list..... his “BUCKET LIST” and said “look mamma, I get to scratch two things off my list”.

Tears filled my eyes and for the first time in Joshua's life, I saw him experience REAL HOPE by believing that he was finally going to get the chance to be a “NORMAL BOY.” Thank you for giving my child Joshua Hope. And, I pray that many more children get to experience the life changing event as Joshua did."


Thank you for helping us bring HOPE to the lives of children across the country! Will you give this year to bring hope to more brave kids that need it? 

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