Meet Kat

“Two... A little number, a little age. That’s how old I was when I was diagnosed with cancer. Before this, I was just a normal baby. My parents had no idea they would have to pay millions of dollars in medical and insurance bills just to keep me alive.”

Meet Kat. Diagnosed with a malignant tumor of her eye socket, Kat underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy  as a toddler. The treatment left her with a number of lasting effects – both physical and emotional. 

“When they removed the tumor, they messed up the look of my eye as well. The times I hate most is walking through public with people just staring at me. “

Kat was invited to attend the Aspen Winter Games. There, she found a network of friends who knew what it was like to have cancer.  To endure hospital stays, needle pokes, and surgeries. To be labeled as ‘different’.  Kat and her family now attend many of our 60 year-round programs and events. 

“At Shining Stars, everyone is so inviting and accepting. They’ve had cancer. They know what it’s like. For the first time, I felt acceptance among my peers.”

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