triple bypass 2017

120 miles and 10,000' of climbing to bring hope to children with cancer

July 8-9, 2017 Steve Prew will conquer Juniper Pass, Loveland Pass, and Vail Pass on his bike to raise awareness about pediatric cancer and give hope to patients across the country.  Please consider making a donation to support the Shining Stars Foundation. You will help to provide 60+ outdoor and social programs and events for these brave children and their families.

Please indicate on the donation form that this is in support of Steve's ride. Thank you!
I like everyone, have faced some minor physical challenges throughout my life but they are nothing in comparison to what pediatric cancer patients face on a daily basis across this country.  
I rode this ride in 2010 and thought that if I ever had the opportunity to do it again I wouldn't ride "just because" but instead I wanted to ride for a purpose.  For me, that purpose is Shining Stars. 
So, why Shining Stars?  I have always felt the need to help in general, as I can't imagine someone in my immediate world being affected with a childhood illness, and I want to help those whose kids have had their childhood stolen from them by this horrible disease. My wife and I went out to dinner the other night and I was wearing my Shining Stars golf jacket.  The girl at the register taking our order recognized the Shining Stars logo and was so happy to tell us her brother attended the Winter Games a few years back and that she loves the Shining Stars Foundation for what they do and have done for her brother and their family.  Her brother is doing great and we were so happy to be just a small part of something that had made such an impact on someone's life.  
- Steve Prew

Thank you steve for going to great heights to support shining stars!