Meet Ali and Her Family

ali wide.jpg

Ali’s cancer journey began with a routine x-ray. The 10-year-old had been complaining of pains in her left knee, so her parents took her to the doctor for what they thought would be a routine visit. It was anything but. Doctors discovered a tumor.  Ali had bone cancer, and suddenly the carefree little girl was fighting for her life. The effects of the diagnosis were widespread – cancer took over the entire family’s life. 


We loved getting to know Ali at the 2018 Aspen Winter Games. Ali had been an avid skier before her diagnosis, so when we told her about our Winter Games program, her face lit up – but she was worried, because she was still adapting to the prosthesis she’d had placed in her leg. We assured her that our adaptive instructors would make sure she felt safe and comfortable on the mountain. A spark of hope was lit!

Ali was so brave during Winter Games. Even though she had never been in a sit- ski before, she was a natural! We loved watching Ali fly down the mountain with her instructors. Ali realized nothing can hold her back from achieving her dreams! 


Thanks to our supporters, Ali and her entire family will now be invited to 70+ social and recreational programs every year. These events will help the family find a support network of other families who understand what they’re going through, while also giving them a day out to just have fun and enjoy one another away from the hospital and stresses of their daily lives.