Summer is Coming...!

Summer is coming! Do you remember a more exhilarating feeling than the last day of school as a kid? Summer is a magical time for children all over the country. Kids get to spend more time outside, more time with friends and family, more time just being kids.

Unfortunately for so many of our Shining Stars, there is no time-off from cancer. While school is out, they are still required to endure hours of treatment inside at the hospital, even on the sunniest summer day. They might not have homework, but the life-saving medicine that courses through their veins makes them feel nauseous and ill - that's a feeling they take home even when they leave the hospital. Chemotherapy and radiation make skin much more susceptible to sunburn, so parents are even wary of letting their kids play in the sunshine for too long. Toput it lightly, cancer can be a real summer bummer.

At Shining Stars, we take back the summer for our Stars. To us, summer means adventure. It's all about spending time outside in the Colorado wilderness. It's about splashing around in cold lakes and rivers. It's about climbing up on that horse and taking it for a ride, even if you were afraid at first. It's about finally catching that fish you've always wanted to catch, or hit that golf drive straight as an arrow. It means bundling up by a campfire with your family when the day is done. With our expert medical team on site, we make it possible for pediatric cancer patients and survivors to discover the wonders of summer again. We can't wait to do it again in Summer 2018!