Meet Mara

Mara is a spunky 15-year-old from Denver, CO. Mara was born with rare genetic disorders, and she has battled serious health issues her entire life. Despite the challenges she has faced (including multiple surgeries, hospitalizations, and a bone marrow transplant), Mara approaches life with optimism and excitement. She loves gymnastic, animals, meeting new people, and... skiing! 

From the moment she stepped off the bus in Aspen, Mara was on a mission to have fun! Whether she was skiing Buttermilk Mountain top to bottom with ski instructor Marilyn, showing off her gymnastic abilities at Talent Night, or swimming with all of her new friends, Mara did it all with a HUGE smile on her face! One of our favorite moments of the week was when Mara received the 2018 Kevin Yndestad Award at the Celebration Banquet. This award honors individuals who demonstrate compassion, positivity, and gratitude throughout the week - and we think Mara epitomizes these characteristics!

We loved getting to know Mara in Aspen, and we can't wait to see her - and her entire family - at our 70+ other programs and events! Mara is now a part of the Shining Stars family and has access to our year-round, life-changing services.