Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in helping as a volunteer with the Shining Stars Foundation! We could not operate without people like you! Please follow the steps below to complete your application:


STEP 1:  COMPLETE A BACKGROUND CHECK -To insure the safety of the children, you must complete a criminal background check at the cost of $17.Please follow the directions at the end of this application to complete it. Additionally, a waiver must be signed at all events.

To complete your background check:
1. Go to https://app.verifiedvolunteers.com/Candidates/Account/Register
2. Beneath “Register and Start Your Order”, create an account
3. Click “Get Verified”
4. Copy & Paste Good Deed Code: tfve1l3
5. Complete steps 1-4
6. Submit payment information
7. Hold tight! Your background check will be shared with Shining Stars Foundation and we will be in touch shortly about next steps.


General Volunteer Application

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