Shining Stars Updates


Amazing Ahna (Continued…)

This past Winter, Ahna was overjoyed to snowboard at the 2019 Aspen Winter Games. Her joy for life is infectious, earning her the admiration of all her fellow Shining Stars, the Aspen volunteers, her ski instructor Arlen, and staff. She looks at life in a unique way, a way that only someone who has been through the darkness can. She keeps her head tilted toward the light, and teaches all of us to do the same.

Thankfully, Ahna remains in remission from her leukemia and has completed her maintenance chemo, leaving her cancer free! After the Winter Games this past March, Ahna continued to hit the slopes and hone her new skills as a snowboarder. We are so proud to know Ahna and can't wait to see all of the amazing things that the future holds for this special young woman.

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Hannah M.

Shining Star Hannah M., who attended the Aspen Winter Games in 2013, is currently studying at Grand Canyon University, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Pre-Law. Hannah got in touch a few months ago to update us on her future plans, see below:

Depending on what I decide for grad school, I am hoping to either work in Health law or adolescent counseling.

Thanks so much for reaching out, Hannah! Your future sure looks bright and shiny- just like you! :)

Jamie B.

We love it when our Aspen student volunteers stay in touch with the Shining Stars kids that they meet when they volunteer at the Aspen Winter Games. Shining Star Jamie met Macee, an Aspen Student Volunteer, when she was in Aspen for the 2016 Winter Games program. The two became fast friends and stayed in touch when Jamie left Aspen. This past November, Macee went to Arizona visit Jamie at her home. We are so happy that this friendship has continued to grow and so glad to see both of these amazing kids doing so well!

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