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Giddy Up, Girl! (Continued…)

Kenda was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer called Bilateral Retinoblastoma at 5 weeks old and had her right eye removed in an effort to save her life when she was just 6 weeks old. This girl has battled the cancer on and off for her whole life. When she was 8 years old, she attended a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program for children with cancer and life-threatening illnesses, an experience that changed her life forever.

"The thing that tormented me for so many years has ended up being the greatest blessing I’ve ever received," Kenda reflects. "I’ve been able to represent the Shining Stars Foundation at various rodeos and talk to large groups of parents and children about overcoming obstacles and taking back control of your life."

Kenda perfectly embodies the spirit of Shining Stars and serves as a beacon and a role model for younger children who face similar challenges.This year, Kenda will start college where she'll work toward her goal of becoming a lawyer. We are honored and proud to have Kenda and her family in the Shining Stars community!

Taylor Burgess (2018).JPG

Taylor B.

Taylor turned NINE years old this year! She is the youngest in her class, but she is the tallest! Her mom says she should have known when she was born 9 lbs oz AND 2 weeks early! ;) Taylor had her port removed this year and got to ring the bell to celebrate her last day of chemo! Yay, Tay!

JaBari Wilkins 2013.jpg

Matt M.

Matt and his band, The Able Dogs, released their very first EP, entitled “Twisted Kiss.” Visit and give it a listen today. Rock on!


JaBari W.

JaBari, who attended the Aspen Winter Games in 2018, has been accepted into two east coast colleges, the Culinary Institute of America in Poughkeepsie, NY and the Johnson & Wales College in Providence, RI. We are so proud of you, JaBari, and know you’re going to be an amazing asset to whichever school you attend! Way to go!

Abbey Gunnell 2016.jpg

Abbey G.

Unfortunately, Abbey passed away in late 2016, but her memory lives on. Her Mother, LeAnn, volunteers with Shining Stars Foundation and just the other day she and Dr. Tom Smith, pediatric oncologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado and Shining Stars Foundation doctor, were reminiscing on a family vacation to the beach. If you remember, Abbey had her arm amputated from her shoulder down. When she noticed passerby’s staring, she would exclaim, “the sharks are especially bad this year!”