Blast from the Past

Here are some updates from our Shining Stars! Pssst...if you're a Shining Star, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you've been up to lately. Click here to email us. 


Addison K. (Winter Games 2014): In August, Addison earned his black belt and celebrated 5 years of being cancer free! Addison's family threw a huge Survivor Party for the special occasion and was even invited backstage to hang out with platinum rapper, Wiz Khalifa!

Addison's mother, Sarah, writes: "It was wonderful that Addison had his black belt testing and his Survivor party in the same weekend, 8 years from his diagnosis. The doctors started his 5-year Survivor goal on his last day of chemo in 2013. He had 38 months of chemo and his immune system stayed more compromised than a normal kid on chemo so it was a little extra challenging. Addison is now 14 and he had been working towards his black belt since 2011. It was quite the weekend!"

Mishael Martin & Wife Abigail 2018 (3).jpg
Mishael Martin & Wife Abigail 2018 (2).jpg


Mishael M. (Winter Games 2009): Shining Star Mishael is not so little any more! Mishael and his beautiful new wife, Abigail, were married on June 3rd. They currently live in Aurora, CO and are enjoying their new life together. Congratulations! We are so happy for you two!

Mishael's mother, Pene, shares: "There is life after remission. Mishael completed his treatments when he was 18 and is now 25, moving on with life. Since the end of his treatments, Mishael earned his GED, went to a school for creative media, created some videos with a few bands, and traveled the US.  He has worked as a school photographer, managed e-commerce for a company, and is currently working in construction. He has not lost the love of cooking and enjoys trying different ethnic dishes. He is thankful for all the people he has met and the events he was privileged to attend through Shining Stars. Thank you to all who contribute."