Blast from the Past

Here are some updates from our Shining Stars! Pssst...if you're a Shining Star, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you've been up to lately. Click here to email us. 



Shining Star Zeke has not only survived cancer, but he is now thriving in a new career as a lighting director in Las Vegas! He is on George Strait’s “A-Team”  and travels on tour with him to do the lighting.


Sonny M., who attended the Aspen Winter Games in 2011, is now a personal trainer and is going to school for aviation at Metropolitan State University of Denver.


Yann Mt St Michel.JPG

Yann G., who’s family attended the Grand County Family Adventure many times and who attended the Aspen Winter Games in 2012, is now a student at Notre Dame University in South Bend, IN. As a junior, he is majoring in electrical engineering with a bias towards robotics. This past summer, he studied abroad in Berlin, Germany. He is the treasurer of the Robotic Football Club at ND, as well as IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. In addition, he continues to further his French with French Club.


Shining Star Klaus H.’s brother, Calvin, just started at Columbia University in New York and thinks he wants to be a doctor!


Shining Star Amanda S., who attended the Aspen Winter Games in 2017, started at CU Boulder this Fall!


Shining Star Martha R. relapsed last year, but has now returned to high school and is participating with her bike racing team again, which is her passion. We are cheering for you, Martha!