5.6.12 - I have really enjoyed logging lots of miles and time on my feet these last several weeks in preparation for the upcoming Ragnar Relay, which is a mere 4 weeks and 5 days from when I write this (but who is counting? :) ).  Running has been going very well for me overall.  After being on the sidelines for the vast majority of last year, it seems as though each run for me now ends up showing me something different.  I have fallen in love with the sport to a new level, and I have been been drawn to challenge myself to a new level.  Running has never felt so free, so effortless, so enjoyable, and this really has been boosting my confidence for our upcoming journey.  I have never undertaken something so strenuous and challenging as we are planning to do on June 8 and 9.


Tracey, Ashleigh, and I were able to get together in the afternoon of April 28th in Dousman, WI for a run on some of the Glacial Drumlin Trail that we will be competing on in our relay.  That morning it had been chilly and rainy, but by the time we met, the rain had stopped.  It turned out to be a great afternoon to get in a really good run of 15 miles.  We spent the time catching up as well as planning for our upcoming event.  I think we are really getting ready for it to be here--both physically as well as mentally.  It seems as though the training for each of us has really been solid so far, and we are really getting things figured out (I hope) from a logistical standpoint.  Truth be told, I am less worried about the actual running itself as opposed to all the planning that is involved in hopefully allowing us to pull it off.


I would like to thank the Shining Stars Foundation for helping us achieve some of our goals.  I would also like to thank each and every person who has taken the time to help us in our journey--from those who have so generously donated financially to those who have helped in other ways.

Group Run - April 28, 2012




I grew up in a western suburb of Chicago, and during high school I was on the swim team and joined the cross country team for one season. I really did not enjoy running back then, but things have certainly changed. After graduating from veterinary school in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, I settled in the Milwaukee area. Currently, I am a veterinarian at the West Allis Animal Hospital where I enjoy taking care of small animals such as cats, dogs, and ferrets.

Approximately 7 years ago my wife Amanda and I were sitting on the couch watching the television. She turned to me and asked if I wanted to go out for a run. Neither of us were runners at this time, but from that very first day I loved it. I enjoy the physical activity and the ability to challenge myself to try to continually improve. I also really like getting out for quiet time by myself and being able to lose myself in my thoughts. After running for a while just "for the fun of it," I developed a goal of running a marathon before I turned 40. I was able to attain that goal, and even though it was very difficult to complete, the night that I got home from that first marathon I signed up to run 3 more. So far, I have run 10 marathons and one 50-mile race. After having to take much of 2011 off due to injury, I am very excited to think about the upcoming goal race: Ragnar Chicago, a 200-mile relay race from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois in June of 2012. The challenge of completing this relay race with two of my good running friends is as thrilling as it is daunting. To be able to do it in support of the Shining Stars Foundation will make the journey all the more special. We hope to not only raise money but also awareness to this great cause and the people it supports.

In addition to running, I enjoy spending time with my family which includes a teenage daughter as well as twin 5-year-old boys, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Also, I like to spend any additional free time listening to music, watching movies, or tending to several aquariums in our home.

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