5/13/12 - Now that I have completed over 75 miles this week, I feel confident that I can successfully get through my three legs at Ragnar.


After having to take about a week off because I was not in tip top health, I dreaded our approaching race because I felt that I may give a lackluster performance. However, once my health was cleared, I hit the miles hard to make sure I come to Ragnar prepared.


Saturday, May 12th, I went Lake Geneva to run their marathon as a training run for Ragnar. As the miles of hills rolled by I felt better and better, thus I started to consider racing the second half, as I did. This was probably my best marathon, not in terms of time, but in terms of how I felt from start to finish. I was happy to see the finish, but I wasn't exhausted. Perhaps all this Ragnar and triathlon training has actually made the marathon distance less daunting.


Coming up this week...Chicagoland Marathon with my teammate David Mentjes and our good friend Kara Sonntag who has helped provide us with sponsorships for Ragnar. I am hoping to use this race to, again, compliment my training for next month. We'll keep you posted and how things come along as our last 4 weeks tick away!

Group Run - April 28, 2012




Born and raised in the Buckeye State, Ohio, I developed an affinity for running as soon as my feet made contact with the ground. As early as I can remember, I demanded that my father time me while I sprinted around my childhood home attempting to quicken my time with each lap. Since then I have continued to make an effort to become stronger and faster.

I ran both cross-country and track in high school and never thought of taking the distance further than a 10k. However, while attending college at Miami University, I lost my mother to lung and brain cancer. In attempt to run as far away from cancer as possible, my interest in marathons surfaced. My first stab at marathons was Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon in 2001 and 14 marathons later I just completed the ING NYC Marathon in November (2011).

My interest has not only been limited to running. Due to a plethora of injuries that began when I started to train for marathons, I picked up road cycling as a method of rehab and cross training. One thing led to another and triathlons became inevitable, although running remains my true love.


Challenges for 2012:


  • Participating on a 3-person ultra team for the 200mile Ragnar Relay from Madison to Chicago in June (benefitting the Shining Stars Foundation).
  • Tackling Ironman Louisville in August.
  • Beginning clinicals for nursing school in the fall.

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