What We Do: The Shining Stars Foundation provides services centered around unique, recreational and social activities, including: adaptive skiing/snowboarding, outdoor education, adventure sports, music, cultural and community events, animal based therapy, and more. Services are delivered through overnight, week-long programs and single day events.


A majority of programs accommodate the entire family, with a few programs tailored specifically to the child. The Shining Stars Foundation is currently the only nonprofit in Colorado and one of few nationally providing long-term, year-round care for children and their families through recreational programming at any stage in their cancer battle, including treatment, relapse, or remission. We continue to be groundbreaking in our ability to safely adapt a diverse range of outdoor adventures to meet the needs of children with a life threatening illness.

Who We Serve: Children, age 6-18, living with pediatric cancer or another life threatening illness and their entire family, including siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. A special focus is placed on children living with a physical or mental disability as a result of their treatment and/or disease.

Our Impact: The Shining Stars Foundation meets needs not addressed by medical treatments, mainly the devastating emotional, social, and psychological toll that cancer takes on the entire family. We ignite hope and renew their spirits.

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